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Scientific WrestlingThe Fighting Library

ATTENTION: Forget everything else you think you might know about martial arts and pay very close attention to the words you are about to read. This is the most complete collection of fighting information of its kind!

“The Most COMPLETE COLLECTION Of Fighting Information Of Its Kind!”…

“Who Else Wants To Get Their Start Becoming An Expert In WESTERN Martial Arts? Learn The Facts About REAL FIGHTING That Originated In AMERICA And EUROPE From The Men That Were There!”…

Dear friend,

Forget everything else you think you might know about martial arts and pay very close attention to the words you are about to read.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in martial arts then you know it is a game of “physical chess”.

Just as important as strength and conditioning (and some say even MORE important) is knowledge. The difference between winning and losing often comes down to which player sees opportunities that his opponent doesn’t.

These days mixed martial arts and submission grappling are immensely popular. It seems like there is a new gym in every other strip mall these days – but the sad fact is that the majority of these places are teaching the same old material.

This presents an opportunity for the competitor that thinks outside the box!

Warning From Jake Shannon: Some of these techniques may now be illegal and considered “unsportsman-like”…

Jake Shannon from Scientific Wrestling has compiled out-of-print classics from his private Western Martial Arts library, along with other original items he has uncovered, PLUS several exclusive interviews! All the hard, monotonous leg-work has been DONE FOR YOU.

Realize that the money paid for the original RARE content in all of these volumes literally amounts to a small fortune.

Now that everything is said and done, what was in the hands of only an elite, privileged few (thousands upon thousands of pages of exceptional and NEARLY forgotten information) have been preserved and made available to you!

INTRODUCING Scientific Wrestling’s “The Fighting Library” Complete Collection…

This collection includes…

“The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling ALL FOUR VOLUMES”…


1. Wrestling I, II, & III by Ed "Strangler" Lewis

Extensive coverage of nelson holds – Learn the Jack-Knife Arm Scissors, Lewis’ famous headlock and hiplock, toe holds (including the Step-Over toe hold), and tons more…


2. The Science of Wrestling and Art of Jiu-Jitsu by Earl Leiderman

Includes the rules for Catch-As-Catch Can, Greco-Roman, Side-Hold, and Cumberland & Westmoreland wrestling. – Learn the Flying Mare, the standing crotch and half-nelson, the double wristlock, the head scissors, and much much more…


3. Excerpts from the very rare and exceedingly difficult to find “Wrestle to Win” by Spyro Vorres


4. The Life Work of Farmer Burns

Filled with tons of instructional photographs and such great chapters as “Farmer Burns’ Theory of Time” and “The Art of Self-Protection”…


5. The Complete Science of Wrestling by Champion G. Hackenschmidt

Read his thoughts on “Greco-Roman, Ju-Jitsu, and Other Styles of Wrestling Valuable Training for Catch-As-Catch-Can” and “The Wrestler’s Physical Qualities and How They Should Be Cultivated”…


6. Modern Wrestling Holds by Ex-Olympic Champion E.R. Voigt

Learn the “Cross-Bar Toe Hold”, the brutal “King Pin”, and much more!


7. An exclusive interview with the late, great Billy Wicks!

Billy was one of the last living LEGITIMATE Catch-As-Catch-Can authorities!


8. An exclusive interview with Yoshiaki "Kumicho" Fujiwara...


9. Wrestliana; Or, An Historical Account of Ancient and Modern Wrestling by W. Litt


10. Spalding's How to Wrestle with Poses by Jenkins and Hackenschmidt


11. You Don't Have to Be As Big As The Other Man; The Tom Jenkins Story by Colonel Red Reeder


12. Scientific Wrestling by George Bothner


13. Interview with Carnival Wrestler and Shooter Dick Cardinal


14. The seminal historical work "From Milo to Londos"

Used copies of this book currently fetch well over $400!


15. Wrestling by Frank Gotch, World's Champion


16. Charles MacMahon's Wrestling Course

Also including…

“The Sport of Catch Wrestling: The Certified Catch Wrestler Handbook”…


The Essential Reference for Catch Wrestlers

Grapplers looking to become a Certified Catch Wrestler, grappling enthusiasts, and coaches all rely on The Sport of Catch Wrestling: The Certified Catch Wrestler Handbook for the most comprehensive and systematic method to teach and learn the craft of Catch Wrestling.

Filled with in-depth insight and practical advice, The Sport of Catch Wrestling: The Certified Catch Wrestler Handbook is the core text for catch wrestling training programs worldwide. Presented in a clear and consistent fashion, this is one of the best ways to prepare for our Scientific Wrestling Catch Wrestling Certification.

This package also includes…

“The Classical Pugilism and Bare-Knuckle Boxing Companion BOTH FULL VOLUMES”…


1. Professor of the Sport Owen Swift's BOXING WITHOUT A MASTER


2. The elaborately detailed BOXING by R.G. Allanson Winn

With eye-opening sections on Savate and Dirty Tactics!



The introduction presents a comprehensive and concise history of the tradition of Western pugilism…


4. Boxing Made Easy by Pupil of Mendoza and Humpheries

Clearly explained and illustrated in a series of easy lessons, together with some important hints about wrestling…


5. Scientific Boxing by Champion "Gentleman" Jim Corbett

He beat Sullivan!!


6. The Art of Boxing by Prof. W.F. Lee


7. Fighters I've Met by legendary tough guy and champion boxer Tom Sharkey

Here are some testimonials…

“Reviews from our happy customers”…

“A tremendous, spectacular text filled with fascinating material!! …Strangler Lewis, Earl Liederman, the notes on gouging, I’m only 1/3 of the way, I’ve found interesting thoughts and memorabilia on each page! Thanks for this treasure & congratulations!”

~ Dick Cardinal
Former carnival wrestler and Catch As Catch Can Wrestling Legend

“This is a very nice and impressive book, and, as the author of 16 books myself, I know how much work goes into such a project. The book will be placed in our library here at the museum, so that others can have access to it.”

~ Mike Chapman
Executive Director of the International Wrestling Institute and Museum

“Grapplers: BUY THIS BOOK!!!! This is a great book, especially for people with a historical interest in wrestling. I’ve already collected several of the books that went into this and now it’s great to have the whole series. I’ve been hunting for the rest of Ed Lewis’ work for a while now & anyone interested in Wrestling, Submission Grappling, BJJ, MMA, etc should get this book. Many Gems from some of the best.”

~ Benjamin Bradley

“The Sport of Catch Wrestling is a unique combination of historical information, a pictorial of authentic catch wrestling techniques, and a practical workbook. Jake is to be commended for his efforts to both preseve and spread catch-as-catch-can wrestling.”

~ Mark S. Hewitt
Author of ‘Catch Wrestling: A Wild and Wooly Look at the Early Days of Pro Wrestling in America’

“Got your books today – currently going for my Master’s and just finished a cognitive development paper on religion and gotta say, I’m pretty damn impressed you have Paul Bloom as a reference in the Certification manual!!! Did not see that coming!! Great stuff, have you set a date yet for the next certification?”

~ Ali O.

“This collection is a testament to how the true champions of catch wrestling trained & I especially enjoyed the Scientific Wrestling Lexicon, it was packed with information and descriptions of techniques and short bios of the greatest catch wrestlers of the past era. It was money well spent!”

~ Jeremy Frost


“The Handbook of Authentic Indian Club Swinging”…


1. The Indian Club Exercise by Sim D. Kehoe


2. Indian Club Swinging by Frank E. Miller


3. Indian Clubs by G.T.B. Cobbett and A.F. Jenkin


4. Also, a brief history of Indian Clubs and physical culture in India! (334 pages)


“An Introduction to Vintage Jiu-Jitsu”…


1. Jiu-Jitsu Combat Tricks

Japanese Feats of Attack and Defense in Personal Encounter by H. Irving Hancock


2. The Text-book of Ju-Jitsu As Practiced in Japan by World Champion S.K. Uyenishi


3. Jiu-Jitsu by the American College of Physical Culture

Learn the “scissor” takedown, leglocks, arm locks, the “devil’s handshake”, throat-holds, the shoulder pinch, the right way to trip, jiu-jitsu against the boxer, breakfalls, and MUCH MORE!

Here are some further testimonials…

“More reviews from our happy customers”…

“Phenomenal collection!!! Jake Shannon has put together a collection of very rare books that should be part of every wrestlers Library! I have been collecting rare wrestling books for years and I know that some of the books in this collection are worth hundreds of dollars each! Better yet, some of the books in this Encyclopedia are near impossible to find at all. Fantastically put together this is by far the single best collection of rare wrestling material ever compiled and I am grateful to Jake for his exhaustive work on this project! I look forward to future volumes of The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling!!”

~ Bill Cogswell
Sombo Blackbelt

“Hey Jake, I am almost through the 4 volumes of the encyclopedia and it is a tremendous work on the history of wrestling. My favorite books are by Burns and from Milos to Londos, mostly because of Burns’ values on hard work and clean living and the latter because of the in-depth history on wrestling. I never knew much about Muldoon so it was great to see something on him because he grew up (Belfast) about a half an hour from my town. Thanks!”

~ Jeff Hackett

“The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling is an extrememly pleasant walk down the sport’s memory lane. Almost 500 pages of century old techniques that every modern day wrestler thinks he invented. It’s a must have for anyone who has spent more than one season in America’s wrestling rooms.”

~ Wade Schalles
Wrestling legend, NCAA Judo All-American, 9th Degree Black Belt and multi-time champion in Sombo, and the Guiness Book of World Records all-time leader in wrestling victories.

“I purchased your digital library, which is a steal considering the value of the materials in it. Thanks for all the work you have done to put those materials together!”

~ Isamu Horiuchi

“Jake is Southern California’s true master of catch wrestling. Merely shaking hands with this gentleman can bring about an infinity of pain!”

~ Bob Calhoun
Co-author of Gene LeBell’s autobiography ‘The Godfather of Grappling’ and author of ‘BEER, BLOOD & CORNMEAL!’

“I received Volume 1 today. I must say that it is well done. It is incredibly informative and well conceived.”

~ Paul Britt

“Get A Competitive Edge With These Rare and Original Classics!”…

This material has been in private hands for too long. Sadly, this stuff will NEVER become common knowledge –because most people simply do not have the guts to stand out above what everyone else is doing.

But if you have stayed with me this far – you aren’t like “most people” anyway.

So here’s the bottom line from Jake himself…

“This is well over 3,050 pages of the best material on Western martial arts and if you were to buy them in book form when I offered them individually “a la carte” it would cost $370 PLUS shipping and handling. This way you will save over $320!

It has cost me over $10,000 and taken YEARS to collect the original antique vintage tomes and now you can get the priceless wisdom contained within for just $50 bucks!

Anyway as I mentioned to the members at ScientificWrestling.com, I am a bit on the fence about doing this (because of what I’ve gone through in the past with piracy and theft already) but I will make them available digitally like this for a little while here. When I decide to take them down I will do so WITHOUT NOTICE. This page (and this incredible offer) will simply cease to exist.

This is my way of giving a sincere thank you to everyone that has helped us achieve what we have so far!”

~ Jake Shannon
Founder, Scientific Wrestling

Special Discounted Online Offer For A Very Limited Time Only!

Jake felt this digital Fighting Library should be at the very minimum $127. After all that’s just a fraction of what this material cost to gather. And that would be more than fair. But I’ve bugged and bugged him to lower it further to make this available to more people during this promotion.

And I’ve secured a very temporary discount of over 60% off!

So right now your investment in your fight knowledge is just $49.95

Remember, until now hundreds of people have happily shelled out thousands upon thousands of dollars for this precious information. What’s more, the money is actually beside the point since…

You Also Get A Full 60-Day No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works. Order your personal copy of The Fighting Library and use it as if you own it. If, for any reason (or even for no reason at all), you aren’t absolutely delighted within 60 days… I will personally guarantee that you get a friendly and complete refund immediately.

No Questions Asked. No Forms To Fill Out. No Hassles At All.

You have absolutely nothing to lose with the super-generous money-back guarantee!

In this economy sometimes it’s hard to make a decision with total confidence, even with a great guarantee like I’ve just given you…

Because of this, for a limited time, we’ve put together special bonuses. A “Fighting Library Stimulus Package” just for owners of The Fighting Library, and I’m GIVING THEM AWAY to smart people who jump on this right away!

It doesn’t matter if you change your mind tomorrow, or in 60 days, you still get to keep these bonus items!

“5 Extra FREE Bonus Sessions For You”…

FREE Bonus #1

Jake’s Video Interview “My Cigar with Karl” – The hour-long, highly acclaimed, last major interview/conversation with grappling legend, Karl Gotch.

FREE Bonus #2

This 7-part MP3 interview hilarious with “The Godfather of Grappling” himself, Gene LeBell!

FREE Bonus #3

A 5-part MP3 interview with Mark Fleming, Lou Thesz’s only real protege (he ran Lou’s gym and fought in the UWFi in Japan)

FREE Bonus #4

The 4-part MP3 interview with Carnival Wrestler and Catch-As-Catch-Can legend Dick Cardinal.

FREE Bonus #5

The 5-part MP3 interview with Frankie Cain, famed grappler/wrestler and carnival tough guy!

And again you’re fully protected by our 60 day money back guarantee. Like I said above, if for any reason you aren’t absolutely delighted with your purchase just contact us and we’ll issue you a full refund – no questions asked.

This is just my way of starting our relationship off on the right foot.

For only $49.95, less than the cost of a single training session, take advantage of this huge discount and get access to these vintage classics and exclusive bonus interviews.

This is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to get Jake’s amazing material (over 3 thousand pages of powerful fighting history and technique) so use The Fighting Library whenever you like to help take your game to the next level.

You don’t have to wait for shipping so get instant access to the entire program today…

All the hard, monotonous leg-work has been DONE FOR YOU. Stop wasting your valuable time and effort and get a competitive edge today using this NEARLY forgotten information that used to only be in the hands of an elite, privileged few!

Order The Fighting Library now before this online digital edition is taken down without notice. Click here to order now >>

Warm regards,

Ross Smith
Administrative Assistant

P.S. Remember this is a very rare collection of antique and original classics and the most complete collection of fighting information of its kind. Jake has done all the work for you and these out-of-print materials and exclusive interviews cannot be found anywhere as a complete collection FOR ANY PRICE!

Don’t wait, because this incredible offer for these digital versions could end VERY SOON and you’ll miss out. Order The Fighting Library now >>